Teddy Dimitrova

Dedicated IT HR at Bloomon

Teddy Dimitrova
Over Teddy Dimitrova

Originally Bulgarian, moved to The Netherlands 10 years ago, fell in love with the tulips and hated the bikes, and stayed! With more than 10 years of experience in various industries - from hospitality to IT, I am a passionate people's person, shoe lover and proud nerd. I grew up playing RPG’s and reading fantasy books - Tolkin and R. Jordan were my BFF’s.

Nowadays you can find me spreading happiness amongst the TECH team of bloomon. I don’t like to put my work under one role or job description - you can just call me Chief tech happiness officer :) I work back to back with my techies on the growth of the team, their well being, learning and development, while challenging and supporting our CTO. I am not a developer myself, but love to experiment here and there with some code and besides having written my very first “Hello world“ in C++, I have played around mostly with plain HTML, CSS and some JS.

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