The TECH behind the flowers - Disrupting a centuries old industry by digitizing the supply chain

VR 11:15 - 11:45

Lezingenzaal 3

Trends come and go. Flowers are forever. With this in mind, three Dutch rebels went 3 years ago on a quest to turn the flower industry on its head. And spread happiness throughout the world. With digitizing the supply chain and creating a world where tech and creativity come together - so far we’ve done great!

We are very clear in our statement - here at bloomon we are a little rebellious. And a lot disruptive. The new guys taking on the traditional players. While turning our industry on its head. A Dutch e-commerce scale up that happens to sell flowers - our working methodology is as disruptive as our product, tech stack and infrastructure.

I would like to invite you for a sneak peak behind the flowers and show you the importance of the technology. Because next to the amazing work of our growers, buyers, stylists, marketeers and sales people, our tech team is working as hard on improving legacy, implementing new technologies, looking into the future and thinking out of the box. A talk about our supply chain, technology, distributed teams and 2020 ambitions!

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    IT is booming, maar uitdagingen blijven zich aandienen. Bedrijven zijn hard op zoek naar experts en talenten. Nieuwe trends volgen elkaar snel op, maar wie gaat ermee aan de slag? Ben je hbo- of wo- student of young professional met passie voor en kennis van IT? Bezoek dan het Talent Event 2017. Laat je bijpraten door bedrijven, volg trends met behulp van presentaties en zet je kritische pet op.