Cmotions B.V.

Cmotions B.V.

What does Cmotions do

We explain and predict developments that are of importance for the management of an organisation, with the help of advanced analytics and data science. This ensures optimal deployment of people, processes and resources. Cmotions helps organisations to boost their competitive position or bolster their market position. We help them to succeed by adapting to a changing world.

Who is Cmotions

Cmotions comprises some 60 driven professionals all working at the cutting edge of advanced analytics, data science and their application in organisations. We believe that a multidisciplinary vision and approach make for optimal results. 

People, organisations, markets. They are all in motion and constantly undergoing change. It is vital to follow, explain and, if possible, predict these motions. We take these “Client motions” as the basis for determining a substantiated direction for an organisation’s further development.

We have an open and transparent culture where we can really make the most of our consultants’ qualities. We are also matter-of-fact, pragmatic and driven, and enjoy taking a hands-on approach.

Working at Cmotions?

Read more about working with Cmotions or check out our colleagues in one of our videos. In addition, we would like to receive you at the Talent Event and we would like to discuss the possibilities with you!

Publications and vacancies

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